Jan Term Essay

By Term Essay 05.09.2019
 Jan Term Essay

Maria Andrea Roa

January Term 2013 in Miami

I believe that being component to this program will benefits myself in so many ways, not just only within a personal approach but in a great intellectual approach. I spent my youth knowing of my dad and his family nevertheless I have by no means actually met him because my mom elevated me as being a single mommy. One of the things which has always been part of that is with the knowledge that he is German and I carry that within my blood but know practically nothing of it as well as the culture. Going to Milan will be a chance to explore, learn, and find out that area of myself and who have I was as a person. Also this is a great way to travel around with a support system yet at the same time certainly not depending on my loved ones like I use done before when I travel and leisure with these people. I love just how this trip will be with individuals I know and that I will think safe nevertheless at the same time learning to travel on my own. I know that in the future I have to be able to provide for my mom, my children (future kids... ) and myself but I'm not sure how yet. I want to improve a company within their Public Relations part and I have been looking of accomplishing that inside the Fashion Market. Being component to that world of media and fashion has always been a dream of mine nevertheless I have never figured out the way i fit in this. Going to Miami and staying in one of the sides top Vogue Industries will help me discover if this is truly the path I wish to take. Merely do decide to visit into this kind of industry in the foreseeable future having this kind of trip includes a part of my own resume probably would not only give me an advantage although a confidence boost. That stuff seriously when a firm sees that I have experience the industry and possess made an attempt to learn about it they would appreciate it and be impressed with that. As a great educational tool this trip will boost my lifestyle knowledge not merely of one other country although a different continent. I have by no means been to European countries or that side worldwide and I would get to experience first hand the culture, the people, the meals, and many others issues. Another thing that could benefit my personal...

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