Auditing Reflecting Essay

 Auditing Reflective Essay

ACCG 340 group Project Reflective assay

ACCG 340, auditing and assurance service is one of the subjects that curiosity me most among other units. One of the assessments of ACCG 340 is a group assignment to get Qantas case study. Basically, we all act like an auditor in determine and establishing any necessary control test to learn any potential financial dangers associated with Qantas group. Because an international college student I have discovered to appreciate the group doing work style even more, even at some time I have difficulties in communicating with my different group people, yet this really is one of the issues and possibilities for me within my university learning process. I possess learnt a whole lot from my own ACCG 340 group work, the learning happen to be beyond what is taught in the class. The entire experience with this group operate is excellent. I have so happy to work with my group in this interesting task. The things I really like most of my ACCG 340 group companion are the contribution and the co-operation. I feel just like a small friends and family instead. Even so, there are still a lot of aspects in which I believe we need to improve on. First of all, management of conflict ought to be improving, there is a small turmoil present when it comes to the finalization of the job, but at some point comes to an agreement. In the future, we are able to have prevent such issue and make sure the complete group job run smoothly. Secondly, connection should have been better next time, as the group users are arrive different social background, communication problem could possibly be inevitable inside the group work process, however it non-etheless decrease the efficiency in the entire group work at some level. Valuing other folks opinion and cooperate with others are the most significant elements I learned from this group work. Recently, I pattern to overlooked others concepts and judgment in regard to same solution I use already resolved. But I have observed that when a member can be expressing a spot, the rest of the people are hearing carefully and analyses the purpose that was...

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