Athletics in Jamaica and Canada

 Athletics in Jamaica and Canada Composition

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Date: 30 03 2013


Table of Content



1 . Background Information and Sport2

1 ) Introduction2

2 . Jamaica2

a few. Canada2

4. Conclusion2

2 . High Performance and Recreational Level in Athletics3 1 . Introduction3

2 . High Performance3

1 ) Jamaica3

1 ) Heptathlon3

2 . Hurdles3

three or more. Shot Put3

4. General3

3. Fun Level3

1 ) Jamaica3

installment payments on your Canada3

four. Conclusion4

several. Development and Performance in Athletics5

1 . Introduction5

2 . Advancement Participation in Athletics5

several. Performance at World Tournaments5

1 . Jamaica5

2 . Canada6

4. Conclusion6

4. Work at home opportunities in Athletics7

1 . Introduction7

2 . Substantial Performance7

a few. Recreational Level7

4. Conclusion7

5. Conclusion8

6. Guide List9



With this paper athletics in Jamaica and Canada are presented. The initial chapter is known as a short great the countries and what role sport has. And then the chapter about high end and recreational level in both countries and the engagement in both the departments, which will be chapter three. The last chapters content will cover job options in recreational and top notch level of athletics.



This newspaper is created for the International Sport Management and Business (ISMB) course: Athletics. Nils Pennekamp taught this kind of subject as well as the aim of this kind of essay is definitely; to write a paper regarding the development and participation in recreational and elite level in Athletics in two countries.

a couple of

1 . Background Information and Sport

1 . Advantages

This chapter's content may be the basic history of Canada and Jamaica and what role sport has in the two chosen countries. 2 . Jamaica

Jamaica can be an area country southeast of Cuba in the Caribbean, with a inhabitants of 2, 713, 000 persons. English is the native terminology. In 600 the natives were known as 'Arawaks' by South America and around 1400 the 'Carbians', a cannibalistic tribe occupied the area through the Arawaks. In 1494 Columbus traveled and colonized Discovery bay, jamaica with accompanied by a the Spanish and killed or captive most local people. In 1655, the British took over as well as the Spanish fled to Tanque. The residents ‘Maroons' had been taken by the Spanish as well as the British to become enslaved to other countries to work on sugar farms. The Maroons signed a treaty with all the British, to get land plus some kind of self-government, developed they fully achieved in 1944 and Jamaica became 3rd party from the Earth of Nations express in 62 (The Earth, 2011).  ‘'Sports had been an important part of Jamaica considering that the time of the island's native people, the Taínos.  Athletics have since recently been replaced by sporting traditions of the island's British colonizers, and game titles such as cricket and basketball (soccer) master today(Jamaica Guide Info, 2013). 3. Canada

Canada can be described as country in the northern party of The united states, and today is it doesn't second major country on the globe, with a human population of 32, 507, 900 people. The key language talked in British and The french language. These two 'languages' are the effect of the colonization of the Britt and the People from france. in the seventeenth century Far eastern Canada was...

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