Assignment 2

Assignment 2 02.09.2019
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Assignment #2*: Create a Report

Purpose: Exercise, make use of, Inputs, Outputs, and carry out conditional analysis

Due Date: 09-Feb-2015

Requirements: (Multiple classes/Multiple types of input)

Input: Report Owner's complete name and six numbers (at least a single double and one integer) The customer's name are unable to contain any special personas, blank areas, or figures You must how to use if assertion and at least one switch statement in the program Anyone with allowed to have got static variables or strategies in any course except for your class with the primary method. You must have at least 2 classes in your plan

You are not allowed to use ArrayLists or Vectors, only simple arrays or perhaps string arrays if you want.

Application Procedure:

1 . ) Input, by way of a question inside the console, the report owner's first identity as a line and build the final name via input, one particular character at the same time.

Check, conditionally, to make sure the first name and last-name don't consist of any number characters, figures between zero – on the lookout for. If it really does you must eliminate it. The names cannot contain any kind of white space either or perhaps special characters. 2 . ) Input survey name by way of a request in the console.

three or more. ) Type, and display, the total with the numeric input after every single input is entered. Normal the number input, show lowest number input benefit and the highest numeric type value pertaining to the previous numeric inputs, prior to the next number input is asked for. (Example given in class)

4. ) Have a program exit input, condition, benefit available (i. e. in the event you type -1 the program exists)

5. ) Create and display one last report which should have the survey name, owner and the subsequent:

Numeric end result should show up as a desk with the next columns: (columns should be underlined)

Input Quantity

Highest Quantity

Lowest Quantity

Total (by the row)

Average Amount

6. ) At the end in the report you must have a grand total for the numeric articles

*The course outline...

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