Aggregates and Flexible Volumes

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Aggregates and Flexible Amounts

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Aggregates and Flexible Volumes

Data ONTAP 7. 0 (7G) Update Course

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Data ONTAP six. 0 (7G) Update Study course


In the completion of this module, it will be easy to:

– Describe the physical and logical advantages of aggregates and versatile and traditional volumes – Use the control line and FilerView to develop and deal with aggregates, flexible volumes and traditional volumes. Describe space considerations connected with flexible quantity creation and resizing alternatives – List the conditions necessary for the removal of aggregates and flexible and traditional volumes of prints – Describe the efficiency characteristics and benefits of applying Aggregates and versatile volumes – Analyze and execute the available tools to fix inconsistent file devices with aggregates and flexible volumes of prints – Identify and implement new protection mode orders on aggregates and flexible volumes


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Aggregates and Flexible Volumes

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Data ONTAP 7. zero (7G) Update Course

Info ONTAP several. 0 Storage area Terminology: Get worse


RG 0

RG 1

RG 2

Get worse — Number of physical drive space used as a box to support more than one flexible quantities – Aggregates are the physical layer


A traditional NetApp volume consists of two levels – physical and rational. In Info ONTAP 7. 0 (7g), we have segregated the two levels. An combination is the physical layer. It really is made up of an accumulation of disks organized in one or maybe more raid groups and is employed as a box to support a number of flexible volumes.


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Aggregates and versatile Volumes

Info ONTAP several. 0 Storage Terminology: Versatile Volume


RG zero FlexVol2 FlexVol1 FlexVol2 FlexVol1 RG 2 FlexVol2 FlexVol1

RG you

Flexible Amount — Assortment of disk space allocated as a subset with the available space within an mixture – Adaptable Volumes are loosely linked with their get worse – Adaptable Volumes will be the logical part


Flexible Volumes are definitely the logical coating. Flexible Volumes of prints are usually tied to their very own aggregates – the physical layer. Their particular size and structure are certainly not defined by the number of disks and raid groups inside the aggregate. Rather, their size can be elevated or lowered independently from other containing aggregate.

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Data ONTAP 7. 0 (7G) Revise Course

Info ONTAP 7. 0 Storage Terminology: Classic Volume

Classic Volume

RG 0

RG 1

RG 2

Traditional Volume — Collection of physical disk space whose whole contents is employed to support an individual volume – Traditional Quantities are directly tied to an aggregate – Traditional Volumes of prints are both the physical level and the rational layer


Traditional quantities function as pre Data ONTAP 7. 0 volumes have always functioned. Any existing volumes for the filer before upgrading will probably be brought ahead as traditional volumes once upgrading to Data ONTAP 7. zero. Traditional volumes are both the physical coating and the logical layer firmly linked with each other. A traditional volume level does not have a that contain aggregate, since it is an get worse. A traditional volume level does not contain a flexible volume because it is a volume. It really is both the physical and the logical layers merged.


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Student Guideline

Aggregates and versatile Volumes

Conceptual View

Aggregate/Flexible Volumes Classic Volume

Volume contents (Flex/Trad): •Directories •Disk files (data/LUNs) •Qtrees

Volume level Concepts

A NetApp quantity, either flexible or traditional, is a file system. As such, every volume will have metadata, frequent data, pictures, etc . Inside the slide above, we...

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