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In Thursday Sept. 2010 14th at around 12: 30 pm hours the hospital a new sentinel celebration which included a lacking child. The event details happen to be as follows: Tina was timetabled for same day surgical procedure and was brought to the hospital by her Mother. Her Mother was informed the surgery will take approximately 45 minutes and that Tina would be in restoration at least 1 hour. Tina's Mother educated the pre-op nurse that she had an errand to run involving Tina's older sibling. Tina's mom left the pre-op doctor her mobile phone number with recommendations to call up her in the event that Tina acquired out of surgery and was all set before your woman returned. Just before Tina's mother returning Tina's father showed up to check on her, and discovering that she was ready to go he took her to his house before the mother could pick her up. When ever Tina's mom returned 2 ½ several hours later your woman found Tina missing plus the staff did not know that her father required her. The hospital activated a Code Lilac and advised the local authorities department. If the hospital secureness interview the mother they will learned the parents were single and that the girl had complete custody of Tina and her other siblings. The area police identified Tina for her dad's home inside 30 minutes of Tina's mom returning to a healthcare facility. No charges had been filed resistant to the father.

There have been eight key employees that interactive with Tina, her mother and father inside the sentinel event. We will be looking at each with their roles inside the order that Tina and her father and mother interacted with them:

Katie Jessup may be the registrar that admitted Tina to the medical center. She asked the standard questions, made copies of the insurance information and recorded all this into the personal computer for entrance and payment. As she was educated she would not ask any questions that had been not on the standard customer survey form that patients fill in.

Greta Doppke may be the pre-op health professional who had taken Tina and her mother back to get ready for her surgical procedure. Greta finished her medical pre-op medical assessment, started out her 4, administrated her pre-op medical procedures medications and documented all of it on the administration documentation documents. Greta had Tina's mother sign the consent contact form for the surgery to make a note in her note book with the mothers term and mobile phone number because the lady wanted to end up being notified when Tina came out of surgery. Gretimai then took Tina to the surgical suit and handed her of to Rosemary Smolder the To. R. Doctor.

Rosemary Smolder is the To. R. Health professional that received the patient coming from Greta. The girl took Tina into surgical procedure and had not any interaction with Tina's mother, was not educated about calling her following your surgery and worked with Dr . Munoz pertaining to the procedure.

Dr . Carlos Munoz was the cosmetic surgeon on this case. He claims that in his affected person notes that he says how the custodial parent. He also statements that the Hospital staff under no circumstances request his patient paperwork.

Jon Peters is a recovery place nurse, he took survey from Rosemary. He more than saw Tina's post restoration. When Tina was ready to be discharged he named out to the waiting room and also paged Tina's mother. When the lady did not act in response He Barre?o to Betty the relieve nurse

Kim Meeks is the release nurse that took Barre?o and record from Jon Peters. Jon notified Kim that having been unable to find Tina's mother. Tina began to cry and stay very un- happy. Kim found out that Tina's dad was at the front desk so Kim invited him back. Tina acknowledged him and called him father and so Kim knew that he was Tina's dad. After they had been waiting for thirty minutes Tina's father suggested that he could take Tina to his house until the mom could arrive and acquire her. Kim agreed that that would be recommended and had him sign Tinaja out and sent her home with him.

Tim Blakely was the d g that was called when ever Tina was found missing. Tim was notified 25 minutes after Tina was missing. Harry went to the discharge area and interviewed the nursing staff.

Anna Lin-Dilarina is the Main...

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