Advertisement Towards Young ladies

 Advertisement To Young Girls Composition

Joanna Salazar

English 107

Ms. Cole

several November 2012

Final Draft

Adverts towards young Girls

Advertising methods to call the public's attention to one's product, service, require, etc . But what we see isn't what we receive or the way you will feel. The idea to advertise is usually to sell, the more you advertise the more you are going to sell. Many organisations have techniques into tempting us in to buying a merchandise that is needless. Jib Fowles describes the fifteen speaks in which adverts use, that happen to be Need for sexual, Need for connection, Need for direction, Need to aggress, Need to achieve, Need to rule, Need for prominence, Need for interest, Need for autonomy, Need to get away, Need to think safe, Dependence on aesthetic sensation, Need to fulfill curiosity, and Psychological requirements. These is of interest are used to make ads in commercials, publications or internet. In this dissertation I will be discussing the media`s advertisements that they have gone to the extreme by making use of young girls to get on the covers of famous beauty or perhaps fashion advertisements by using 3 of the 15 appeals-Need to get attention, Requirement of aesthetic sensation, and Physiological Needs. These types of appeals could make advertisements noticeable to see or invisible.

?nternet site was looking for an interesting advertisement in the internet I came across with the two mentioned here ads and it amazed me the way the companies are applying young girls to sell a cosmetic brand. I realize and accept that they will need media attention but this is going too far. We can see that in picture number one it says " Enjoys baby smooth. Because chasteness is hotter than you think", what will the reaction always be when you see this young child ahead of the magazine? I used to be flabbergasted because the child's chasteness is being removed by sharing with them how sexy a lip high gloss can make these people look. In the ad she is wearing a white dress and is carrying a white carry with a extremely soft lips color. In line with the Color Tire Pro, the white presents goodness, chasteness and purity. In marketing,...

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