Advanced Corporate Reporting: Schoolwork

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 Essay about Advanced Business Reporting: Coursework

6BUS1003Advanced Corporate and business Reporting

Coursework 2012 semester A

The homework consists of 3 elements:

* Notes10% (to be submitted throughout session A)

5. Essay plan10%

* Essay80%


The final indicate for this module will be a measured average, determined by taking forty percent of your coursework mark and 60% of your exam draw. Both the coursework and the examination must be exceeded for this component.

Homework essay

Hans Hoogervorst, chief of the IASB, said in the International Association for Accounting Education and Research meeting in Amsterdam on twenty June 2012 that he " was struck by multitude of way of measuring techniques that both IFRSs and US GAAP prescribe”.

With reference to the measurement of tangible non-current assets, critically evaluate if financial claims prepared employing IFRS's give useful details. Use certain examples through the annual studies of FTSE 100 firms to demonstrate your points.

Word limit: 2, 000 words maximum (excluding references) anything more than will be penalised

Submission times:

Essay plan(Maximum 600 words)

Draft dissertation

Final composition

(Maximum a couple of, 000 phrases excluding references)

(Late submissions of the last essay will probably be penalised as follows: В submitter within 24 hours 5% fees, submission following 24 hours yet within 7 days of submission date will result in a maximum mark of 40%. В Submissions after 1 week of due date are not marked. В Any extension cables must be requested in advance of the first due date. )

Submission instructions:

You should send a word apply for the composition to StudyNet and Turnitin. Your data file should be called SRN_family name_ACR_essay.

A hard replicate of the article plan ought to be brought to your tutorial in the week commencing

A hard copy of your final essay should be posted through the schoolwork hand in point together with opinions from your dissertation plan.

Please work with type size 11 and double spacing. A cover linen must be...

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