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Boston College

Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Administration

Managerial Economics

MF 701

Fall 2014

Professor Clifford G. Holderness

Office: Fulton 224C, 617-552-2768

E-mail: clifford. [email protected] edu

Office Several hours: Tuesday a few: 45—4: 31, Friday 10-12, and by visit TA: Mary Schneider

Office: Fulton 154C, 617-552-2050

Email: [email protected] edu

Office Several hours: Monday 1-3; Friday 10-12; and by visit

Course Objective

This course is designed to teach you the way the basic conditional tools of microeconomics may improve your decisions as a director. Throughout the training course we will study the fundamental tools of price theory and then apply them to managerial problems. The primary objective should be to train you to believe in financial terms, to recognize the relevant monetary issue in the situation, to separate your lives the relevant specifics from the irrelevant facts, also to analyze the implications of alternative managerial decisions.


The textbook to get the training course is Armen Alchian and William Allen, Exchange and Production: Competition, Coordination, and Control (3rd edition, 1983). As this textbook is currently out of print, I use received agreement from the experts to copy those chapters that people will cover through this course. These have been reprinted and are available for sale at the Boston College Bookstore. You may also be able to purchase this text on one with the used book sites on the Internet (in particular, Amazon or AbeBooks). Also available at the Boston College Book shop is a publication of additional readings. You must purchase quite a few packages.

Course Hours

Section 1: Tues. 1: forty five PM—3: forty five PM; Thursday night. 11 AM—1 PM.

Section 2: Tues. 11 AM—1 PM; Thursday night. 1: forty-five PM—3: forty five PM.


Administrative Issues

Your grade in this course will be based after class engagement, two take-home quizzes, a midterm evaluation, and a final examination. The weights for these will be as follows:

School participation

To discover #1

Midterm Examination

Test #2

Final Examination






All quizzes and exams are obligatory. You may use as many others as you need on the take-home quizzes. In such a case, please fill in a common response, and all students in the group will receive the same grade. There is no limit on the scale the group, but you are not required to work in groups. Alone answers are great. You may not, yet , work with or talk to any individual outside of your fellow classmates (either section) about the quiz or exam.

You need to take the examinations with your section at the time and placement specified. The exams will probably be closed publication and shut down computer, however you will be allowed one " crib sheet" in every exam. This course is not really about memorizing formulas or perhaps facts—it is about understanding the number of principles that underlie economics. I'll talk about the baby crib sheets much more detail because the training course progresses.

Excellent long-established plan of no " make-up” tests. If a student struggles to take a to discover or the midterm examination at the scheduled period, for whatever reason, the weight from your missed quiz or examination will be added to the pounds of the last examination. A final examination will take care of material in the entire study course.

Key Dates

1 . Mass of the Ay Spirit, No Class

Thursday night, September 10

2 . Acquire Quiz #1 Due

Thursday, September nineteen

3. Mid-Term Exam

Thursday, October a couple of

4. Take Home Quiz #2 Due

Friday, October 10

5. Last Exam

Tuesday, October twenty-one



As a matter of respect for any members of the class, I use established a rule that most electronic devices, such as computers or phones, should be turned off during class. I understand that disasters occasionally arise that necessitate the use of electronic devices. If you are in this position, please contact me, and i also will gladly give you permission to use an electronic device during a class. My spouse and i thank all of you for your co-operation in this subject.


Training course Outline

(N. B. The dates underneath are approximate date ranges....

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