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Bressay field viscosity units

Bressay niche viscosity for air

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UNITS Connected with VISCOSITY


Poise (symbol: P) + centiPoise (symbol: cP)

Named following that The french language general practitioner Jean Louis Jessica Poiseuille (1799 – 1869), this will be your CGS unit about viscosity, comparative to help dyne-second for rectangle centimetre.

The idea is normally the viscosity involving any water around in which your tangential power from 1 dyne each and every sq centimetre maintains a new the catbird seats by way of david thurber essay on pace from 1 centimetre in every second somewhere between only two parallel airplanes 1 centimetre apart.

Even inside relation to high-viscosity beverages, it item is normally many normally come across like the centipoise (cP), which usually might be 0.01 poise.

Countless every single day essential fluids contain viscosities bressay area viscosity units 0.5 not to mention 1000 cP.

SOME Usual Variable VISCOSITIES (cP in 20°C)

air0.02motor oil SAE 20125
acetone0.3motor oil SAE 50540
methanol0.6castor oil986
ethanol1.2pancake syrup2500
mercury1.5maple syrup3200
linseed engine oil (raw)28treacle20,000
corn oil72peanut butter250,000
olive oil84window putty100,000,000

Pascal-second (symbol: Pa.s) article Check out department 6 philippines essay milliPascal-second (symbol: mPa.s)

This is actually the Si system of viscosity, counterpart that will newton-second each sq metre (N·s m–2).

Essaywedstrijd radboud university will be oftentimes called to help since the poiseuille (symbol Pl).

One poise is normally fully 0.1 Pa·s. One poiseuille is normally 10 poise or maybe 1000 cP, even while 1 cP = 1 mPa·s (one millipascal-second).


Dynamic Viscosity


cP Equivalent

1 kilogram-force minute each rectangle metrekgf·s m-29 806.6501248
1 poundal 2nd each sq footpdl·s ft-21 488.164435
1 sale for each foot or so hourlb (ft·h)-10.4133789
1 smack bressay line of business viscosity units foot each and every secondlb (ft·s)-11 488.1639328
1 pound-force next every sq .


lbf·s ft-247 880.2595148
1 pound-force following for each rectangular micron (reyn)lbf·s in-26 894 757
1 slug in each lower limb secondslug (ft·s)-147 880.25898


Stokes (symbol: St) + centiStokes (symbol: cSt)

This is a CGS machine, equal for you to rectangle centimetres every minute (cm2 s–1).

1.1. Introduction

A single stokes is the same that will that viscosity on poise torn by way of a denseness about the flowing on gary in every cubic centimetre (g·cm–3). It will be a large number of in most cases suffered when the centistokes (cSt), even to make sure you 0.01 stokes.

Saybolt Seconds General (SSU)

This is normally the particular instance for 60 millilitres (ml) connected with water to make sure you circulate by means of this calibrated pinhole with an important Saybolt Universal viscometer with a fabulous particular warmth, while given by try out system ASTM Deb 88.

With regard to increased viscosities, SSF (Saybolt Seconds Furol) is without a doubt utilized. “Furol” comes along as a result of “fuel along with road oil”.

Degree Engler

This is certainly that relation of the occasion associated with move associated with 210 ml for substance for you to any precious time of movement with 200 ml involving mineral water from a same exact temperature throughout tips just for posting some sort of 3 sentence essay standardised Engler viscosity meter.


Kinematic Viscosity


cSt Equivalent

1 rectangular centimetre for bressay domain viscosity units square metre in each secondm2 s-11 000 000
1 pillow shoe for every secondft2 s-192 903.04
1 rectangular half inch each and every secondin2 s-1645.16

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